1998 winter olympics host

Winter Olympic Games

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1998 winter olympics host

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Highlights of the games

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The Winter Olympics, officially the XVIII Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Nagano , was a winter. For the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, a total of fifteen sports venues were used. Nagano had attempted twice to host the Winter Olympics, losing out. Relive the moments that went down in history from the Nagano Winter Olympics. Access official videos, results, sport and athlete records.

  • Snowboarding debuted as an official discipline. Curling returned to the Olympic Winter programme, this time with a tournament for both men and women. The inspired team from the Czech Republic scored a surprise victory. He courageously recovered to earn gold medals in both the super-G and the giant slalom. NOCs: 72 Athletes: 2, women, 1, men Events: 68 Volunteers: 32, Media: 8, 2, written press, 5, broadcasters. A flower, with each petal representing an athlete practising a winter sport, and which can also be seen as a snowflake symbolising the Olympic Winter Games.

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Clue: 1998 Winter Olympics host

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1998 winter olympics host

1998 winter olympics host

1998 winter olympics host

Country Medal Leaders

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Nagano Olympic Winter Games, athletic festival held in Nagano, Japan, that the host country, Japan, enjoyed its best showing in the Winter Olympics. As most coming to this area will know, Nagano City was the host city for the Winter Olympics. With its tall mountains, long snow season. A guide to the Winter Olympic Games held in Nagano, Japan. With its motto of "Coexistence with the Nature," the host nation paid the utmost attention to. Of all host cities in the history of Winter Olympic Games, Nagano is geographically situated the farthest south and closest to the equator. Information about the Winter Olympics in Nagano The Winter Olympics, officially the, was a winter multi-sport event In June , Salt Lake was chosen as the host of the following Winter Olympics. Host City: Nagano, Japan (February 7, to February 22, ) It had been 26 years since the Olympic Winter Games had been held in the Orient, those. 1998 winter olympics host

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1998 winter olympics host

1998 winter olympics host

Tara Lipinski (USA) - 1998 Nagano, Figure Skating, Ladies' Free Skate

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